Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bear with me....

Please bear with me as I try to re-vamp this blog a little...I am going to try and re-arrange things a bit and make it a bit more organized....between having dial up and a basic knowledge of computers it may take a while....and it may look different every time you check back lol.

On the other hand.....I have some new family blogs added! My sister (listed as Brian and Terri) have their blog up and running now and it looks GREAT! Good job! For those of you who don't know I am very close to my sis and her family. God put them in my (our) lives for many reasons!

Another family blog that was added was that of Matt and my new niece Jackie. Come and read as they blog from 1/2 way around the world in Japan!

As for us...we had another nice day today. I took the kids to the park about a mile from the house and yeah...I am mean...we WALKED. Everyone had water bottles and it was shaded for 95% of the way. Also the park was shaded and in the country so hardly anyone ever goes there! The kids had so much fun! Not only did they play on all the equipment but it was a GREAT area for hide and go seek. There were literally HUNDREDS of HUGE trees around the park. I will have to post a pic sometime. Not only that but they have a kitchen and an amphitheater. There were some great hiding spots! Everyone counted to 100...even my little Noah :) he is getting to be such a big boy (insert boo-hoos and crying here!)

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