Monday, August 20, 2007

Please pray

We found out some devastating news today. I have asked for prayer for this man and his family before. Dave and his family have had a tremendous influence on us. our Christian walk would not of been the same without god placing this family and their wisdom in our lives. It breaks my heart to hear what this family is going through so if you would please keep them in your prayers. Here is the email:

Update on Dave Fagan - August 19th 2007:Dave's brain scan this past week revealed more tumors on the brain. Dave is physically unable to endure any more chemo or radiation. They've cancelled the full scan scheduled for the 24th. They don't plan to see the oncologist again. Hospice has been suggested, but Teresa has declined that....for now.Dave is not in any pain and IS thinking clearly. Mentally he is good, physically he's wasting away. Last evening, Tim Fagan told our local assembly that Dave misses all of us and we are welcome to visit (if we call first). Teresa was not at either assembly yesterday....she's staying very close to Dave. Their sons and their families are spending lots of time there too.They greatly appreciate all the prayers, cards, emails, etc.

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