Sunday, August 05, 2007

Car show last Friday!

Last weekend we went to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, ky. It was fantastic! The cars were neat...but I was able to go with my mother-in-law into "woman's world." This is a specific area in the exhibit halls where they generally sell crafts and other girly type things. I bought each one of the girls a little quilted purse which will be soon to be used as diaper bags. Both girls have asked for the "Baby Alive" doll for Christmas so we hope to be able to purchase the dolls and then...being as this baby "eats" and "poops" we plan on giving the girls each a diaper bag with diapers and food. Diaper bags were a nice price for $5 a piece! They are too cute! Also I bought a bit for Sanites birthday.....a signed pic of.....HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!( I've got the beeeeeeeeeeeeest of both worlds............). She wants a Hannah Montana MP3 player for her birthday so we thought this would go along with it pretty well. I was able to get some pics of my baby boy too.....he spent most of the day with his papa...

The types of cars we were looking at

That night there was a concert and the kids had a ball! They were playing old Elvis songs (and boy was it LOUD!) as well as other songs that were just great older songs (yes ....older as in even from the 80's lol) There were two things we couldn't do during this concert....

#1....Keep Maddie in her seat (notice how the beads are straight behind her head?LOL)

#2- You can't keep Noah awake during a concert

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