Monday, August 13, 2007

Some"buggy"loves me :):):)

Well..............................I didn't got to church this to know why????I spent my morning in the Emergency room...............oh yes....lots of fun. It started off on late Wednesday night/Thursday morning I woke up scratching my arms like you would NOT believe! I had what looked like 30+ mosquito bites on my arms (I am HIGHLY allergic to them). I gave it a day and the itching was driving me on Friday I bought some Calamine lotion as it was beginning to spread.....Poison Ivy? I highly doubted it. I have never ever had a reaction to poison Ivy. In high school I was part of leading a back packing trip in the mountains of North Carolina and us start (duh) high schoolers put our beds in the poison Ivy patches (these weren't exactly camp grounds we stayed was backpack through the mountains until you find a spot to crash). Not to mention I am constantly cleaning out under our pine trees where there is nothing BUT poison ivy (lived here for 10 years has been quite a few times) and I have NEVER had this reaction before. Not to mention the last time I did that was 9 days before I broke hum....what could it be??? Lets give it another day. On Saturday Kyle was getting the last bit of a truck painted up and then afterwards we took the kids to the zoo. After the zoo we went to Kingfish ( a SUPER yummy seafood restaurant..I highly suggest it!) While at dinner I looked down and noticed my arm was red and SUPER swollen...(and keep in mind my arm had been itching all day and driving me nuts!). On top of the each individual sore it was completely WHITE and hard as a rock..ARG! I felt miserable. We ended up at Whole food (my favorite place to shop!) that night and I looked through their book of herbal remedies...STILL thinking this *might* be poison Ivy I was reading on how to help itching......2 words..Liquid Aloe..............FANTASTIC! It was smooth....chemical free...and took care of the job better than the calamine lotion! On the downside..I was still up every 2 hours during the night (as I had been since Wednesday night), then up for about 45 minutes as I would wake myself up itching, then immediately go wash my arms and put aloe/calamine lotion on it. By the time I did this I was NOT ready to g back to bed. Well it was really starting to wear on me last night...The 3rd time I had woke up since 5...I was just crying...I told Kyle I was miserable and that I thought I needed to go to the emergency room. He completely agreed and then I said...well let me try to go back to sleep and see if it will get any better. The itching once again went away and I was back in bed by 5:30. I woke up just after 7 just as miserable. I stood in a bath of hot water just rinsing my arms....I got out and kyle had asked me about the new hours on an emergency health clinic they opened last month in town. I said "I think I can do that too." So now in the meantime Kyles cell phone was my Terri saying that they would not be in church as she was taking Brian down to the emergency room as it looked like he had poison Ivy on his face! His eye was almost completely SHUT! WHAT?!?!?! So Kyle started telling her about me and how we were going to try the emergent care office 1st. We drove separately to church so I could swing by and see the hours. It was now 9am and they did not open until 1! there was no way I was going to sanely last that long. I called Kyle and he said "no you can't wait that long...head down to the emergency room." So I headed down to the emergency room and as I was checking in my sis came round the corner to look at my arms. She walked with me to my room and sat there while I went through the whole story with the nurse...She left and came back about the time another nurse came in where I got to explain the whole story once again...and uhh...she is walking in with a whole bunch of needles...WHAT?!?!?! (I think I can I think I can I think I can). She says she is going to start the same treatment my Brother in law IV...UG...followed by a couple different meds and lots of saline solution. The Dr also comes in and I get to explain the whole thing again...this time my sister is in the room and he is looking a little hey..didn't I just see you with another person?? lol I was finally able to leave around 12:30/12:45 and headed back home. I am on meds for the next 5 days but hopefully it will take care of this nasty thing! Oh and the verdict??? Who knows............He said it is NOT poison Ivy but it is definitely an allergic reaction to something...I hadn't been working in the yard for a couple weeks....after a series of more questions with really no answers he told me to make sure I bathe my pets in case they brought something in I may be allergic too.........anyone want to come over tomorrow and bathe a cat????


me! said...

have you thought about you bathing from time to time?

Ladyterri said...

Wasn't it a fun-filled morning???