Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ready for school??

The other day we guessed shopping :) Now you are probably thinking...ok this woman must be nuts! She homeschools why on earth would she go "school shopping?" 1st of one other time during the year when you can buy 10 packs of crayola crayons for $2 lol. 2nd of all.....its just fun :) I took the kids to all look around at different back packs and lunch boxes. Noah ended up with a Cars backpack and power rangers lunchbox, Sanite bought a High School Musical messenger bag and a purple camo lunch bag. Maddie bought a Disney princess backpack (she can use it for dance) that had a matching lunchbox. too cute! After we did all that shopping (believe me we were exhausted!) we went to Tumbleweed and the mall and time for a little play...yep I have pics of my babes :)

Maddie the Munchkin

Sanite the Silly Squirrel

Noah the Knight

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