Friday, August 10, 2007

Call me Betty......

Betty Crocker that is! LOL Yesterday I was canning pumpkin, today I roasted the seeds and made some fresh bread...yummmm yumm........totally natural and all organic ingredients....I am proud of myself:) I am hoping to just start making my bread (thanks for the idea sis) instead of buying it. Less preservatives and just better for ya...Only I don't have a bread maker...if anyone has one they would love to get rid of let me know! LOL Oh well at any rate it might improve the muscles in my arms!

On the other hand..the rest of today was also great! We met up with Our good friends the Mamallama and littlellama and we all headed out to the pool. We had so much fun! You will NEVER guess what my older two did! They BOTH went off the diving board and SWAM by THEMSELVES over to the edge of the pool!!! I am SUCH a proud mama.....I figured Noah would do it but...well...Sanite on the other hand has always been afraid of the water. her 1st year of swimming lessons my goal was to have her get in the water without screaming her head off. I didn't even care if she went by herself! She could be held for all I care....just quit screaming! Well she went off the diving board the 1st time and Mamallama was there to catch her. The next time she was by herself and I could just see the tears welling up in her I had Maddie run to Mamallama and I swam down by Sanite so I could catch her. She was standing up there crying but....she jumped...more than that....she TRUSTED me to catch her...though you could see she debated for a few :) For those of you who have never adopted older is a HUGE issue...and even after her being home for 4 is still something we work on daily. I wish I could of got some pics big ol booty was in the water with the 2 of them lol.

Noah on the other hand jumped right in and swam...he hesitated a little the 1st time...but after that he was OK. In fact one time he jumped and when he popped up he had a bloody nose. Blood was gushing everywhere. He didn't hit his nose on anything....must of just been on impact with water. I am telling you...all you have to do is look at him and say BOO and his nose will bleed!

Well off to bed for for tomorrow ...well the kids have a little surprise:)

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moi said...

hey angela... i just wanted to tell you thanks for writing about the trust issue on your blog. i was only 3 when i was adopted, and i only began fully trusting my parents a few years ago, and i still struggle with it sometimes. it's nice to see that it's relatively normal... i'm glad i'm not just weird. ok, so maybe i am weird, but at least not in that area! lol