Wednesday, August 08, 2007


OK if you haven't seen this movie it is one for the book! The kids loved it and laughed the whole way through....there was one kissing scene and Sanite turned around and gave us that "oh gross" look LOL. Maddie yelled out "EWW their KISSING!!!" followed by *giggle giggle giggle*. Noah and his bud Ryan were just sitting there watching and laughing...the boys were so funny! You are also probably wondering why on earth we saw this movie so late.....well......being as we are really working on paying off bills and well....just trying to pay things period we have told the kids we have to wait until the movie comes out in our old theater down town. It is called The Ohio Theater ( and used to be Madison's theater way back in the day (very historic downtown). It has 2 screens, one is up stairs and is very tiny and the other is downstairs and is very large. It was used during the time of segregation. I don't think I have to tell which theater was used for what color of people...if your reading this you are more than likely bright enough to figure that out for yourselves lol.

At any rate...back to the was bought several years ago by a very nice family. They host free movies all year round. During the summer and winter months they have a "family fun series" where they are kid friendly movies. This year we saw Flicka, Open Season, Over the Hedge, Charlotte's Web, Night at the museum and several others all for free! They also have regular movies that play in the evening. They are generally movies that are just "going out" such as Ratatouille and Transformers (what is playing now). On Tuesdays they have a special night where it only costs $1.50 per person to see a movie! Also their popcorn and drinks are MUCH cheaper....for our whole family to go to the movies, get 2 large popcorn's and 2 large drinks it was only $20! Unbelievable! We are used to spending about $50 for a family night at the movies! Thanks Ohio theater of Madison for making going to the movies so economical!

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Ladyterri said...

I had no idea that is why they had two floors of the theater-how awful!!!