Monday, November 19, 2007

Adoption is not "the easy way"

I have had people say to me on various occasions that adoption is "the easy way" to have a family. While I am not discounting the hardness of pregnancy, I would like to point out that they are just "different." Neither is easier than the other...both difficult, just different. I am hoping that the story I am about to share will give some perspective.

This actually is not just a story, but also a prayer request for some people that we know. Because of the sensitive nature (who knows who may be reading) I have decided to leave their names out. That's ok, God knows who they are :).

Several years ago,the US decided to discontinue issuing visas to children adopted from Cambodia. Therefore, at least as far as the US is concerned, Cambodia was closed for adoptions. There were children that had finished the adoption process but never allowed their visa to the US. Many families went over there to fight and some were able to get their visas. We know of a family who has one of those completed Cambodian Adoptions. The mom is living over in Cambodia with these children, trying to fight this on her own. The dad is here in the states with their remaining children. They have been separated and miss each other very much. The US is even denying transit visas for these children to go to another country via the US. They have now recently been told that if they will have to have their children go through the whole adoption process again.If that were to happen, the mom would have to leave her children in Cambodia and return home until the adoption was completed. I know how difficult it was to leave my children (I count those 2 days as the worst two days in my life) after knowing them for a matter of days. I can't knot imagine what kind of wreck I would of been in if I would have to leave them after raising them for months/years. On top of that, having to return home knowing that the future was so uncertain.

Please remember this family when you sit down to have your prayer time tonight!

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Brittan said...

wow... i seriously don't think that adoption is the easy way out. adoption is hard- for the parents and the adopted child.
but i'll be sure and be praying for that mom in cambodia... that's got to be so trying.
brittan (