Wednesday, November 07, 2007


T - The Savior - without Him I would be nothing!

H - Heavenly Father - When you say "Take me to your leader" that would be Him :)

A - Awesome husband -What can I say? There is none better...The previous 2 knew what they were doing when they put him in my life :)

N- No major illnesses -my family is healthy in physicalness and spirit..what else can one ask for?

K - Kids - What a long hard road it was to just get them here...What a true blessing they are.

S - Scriptures and the Spirit- Where would I be without my daily dosage?!?!

G - Gospel -that was preached to me so that I too could come to know the Lord and be saved:)

I - Individuality- to live in a free country to worship as the Bible says

V- Very fun family- They are a hoot!!!

I - In-laws - I have awesome in laws..what can I say..they raised my totally awesome husband :)

N - Nice things in my life- Thank God for our home, our clothes (my 2 pairs of pants right Lori? lol), and the food on the table. Times are hard but we never go without and I am thankful for that!

G - Girls that make a difference in my life - my 2 biggest- Sanite and Madelynn:) Also add in Terri, Lori, Michele, Brittan, Georgi, Amanda, Melissa, Teresa, Julie, Sharon, Tammy, and Jean. If it were past tense we could add my mom in there too:)

**this was "mostly borrowed" from Suzanne's Blog**


ChatterboxLS. said...

awwwww - i love you big tiny's!!!


MamaLlama said...

hey girl! I love you too! more than big tiny's -1080, th ebiggest number in the world! I miss you!