Friday, November 09, 2007

We're all "whistling Dixie" over here

A couple days back we were all standing in the kitchen and we heard someone whistling. We didn't think anything of it...that is until my 3 yea old comes walking around the corner, hands in her pockets, just whistling away! LOL I thought we were going to loose it. It was so funny to see this tiny little things whistling a song. Then of course Noah comes running out saying "Hey that's not fair! I can't do that yet!" Needless to say We have worked and worked and worked and now Noah is able to whistle!

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ChatterboxLS. said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! - angela, i'm not joking, but karleigh started whistling about 3 months ago & she does it all the time - she's taught kiara how, but hasn't been able to teach ruby yet - how funny, i just know those 2 are related!!