Sunday, November 18, 2007

My favorite week of the year!

Yes that's right:) This week has got to me one of my most favorite weeks of the year. It is filled with so much family, fun and tradition! We will have school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Co-op, dance, and Lunch with a good friend of ours is also on Monday. On Tuesday Sanite has her hearing appt. with the ENT, make snack for girl scouts that night, then off to girl scouts, then back home to watch Charlie Brown (always a BIG hit around here!). This Wednesday Maddie and Noah had their last (I think) pre-school story hour, go grocery shopping a little bit, then come home and do some cooking. Wednesday night is also night for Bible study so that always makes for a good day! Thursday we are headed up to Wayne and Georgi's for an exciting Thanksgiving with them and Lori and Spike! Too cool! Then on Friday is our "Put up the Christmas tree" day. That is always fun! We normally do not have dinner at the house but will always pick up a turkey on sale that way we can still have "leftovers" on Friday. I also put a couple cinnamon sticks in the crock pot with some apple cider to sip on all day while decorating the house. That night we are headed to The Ohio Theater for a (free) showing of "It's a Wonderful Life." You have to love a movie theater that shows free movies for the community and only charges $3 for a large popcorn, and $4 for a drink with free refills! Saturday we will take it a bit easy, Kyle will be in the garage all day (and probably most of the day on Friday). That night we get to head over to my sisters house for a night of pizza and games! What an awesome week!

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