Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I should just send my kids to Grandmas so I never have to feed them again..

Yes I mean that in all honesty....Grandma feeds the kids whatever she wants...whenever she wants lol I guess that's the privilege of being grandma. While Katharine (formerly known as Sanite) took me to the tea party, the 2 youngest two were sent to grandmas to run a muck
were sent to grandmas for a nice afternoon of play. When I came to pick them up..I found that grandma had encouraged allowed my children to eat:

1. a banana
2. 2 snack packs of pudding
3. a yogurt
4. a pack of bread sticks and cheese (the kind you dip)
5. a BOWL of cheese cubes
6. SEVERAL cokes

and this was A PIECE! not both kiddos combined!

Then my kids had the nerve politely asked if they could have dinner?!?! Seriously????

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