Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ummm this speaks for itself......

This has COMPLETELY um...missed the mark....

The Planner and Logical Thinker
You are the ultimate planner: a perfectionist. Everything has its place within the scheme of things. When you make plans, they are detailed, logical and progressive (A before B, then B before C, etc.) Before you take action, you've thought out all the possibilities and then decided on the most probable action to take.
You love to anticipate problems. In fact, until something is accomplished correctly, you worry that something unknown may happen. That's why you check and recheck all of the details over and over before taking the first step in your plan of action.
Solving problems is one of your greatest joys. Another is finding mistakes and correcting them. Most of the time, you see what's missing or what's wrong. That's why you make a great detective or editor. When you were younger, you would blurt out what was missing or wrong. With experience and some painful lessons, you've learned how to tone down your joyful discoveries so that other people aren't so upset with you.

Hello??? Not me at all.....

You enjoy a working environment with structure and procedures that are consistently and logically followed. You constantly ask for these structures and procedures from your supervisors and you provide them to the people you supervise. If these structures and procedures are not in place, you'll create them yourself and apply them to the situations and people surrounding you.
You are a low risk taker. You don't like to put yourself into situations that are unsafe or have a chance of failure. That is why you always want to know the history behind every situation. It's through this historical perspective and always asking "Why?" before attempting any project or action that you insure a high probability of success. Therefore, almost any decision you make takes a longer time than most people need.

Are you serious?????

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