Saturday, November 03, 2007

What a day!

Today was quite busy...even though by looking at my house you would never think I would of never got anything done!

To start off today...I started cleaning out my kitchen. Since we school year round (3 months on, one month off) I usually take our month off the deep clean as I really don't get to it while school is "in session" so to speak. I created a schedule to help me clean things (and FLY LADY is helping a bit too).

Today- cleaned out spice cabinet and candles

Sunday- All the cabinets on top of the stove

Monday- All the cabinets on the bottom near the stove

Tuesday- Clean the stove and under my sink

Wednesday- Clean out where the dishes are and my pie safe

Thursday- Clean Fridge and Corner cabinet

Friday- clean laundry room (attached to my kitchen) and do all MAJOR detailed cleaning in the kitchen

With all of these I need to do at least a 27 fling boogie, take everything out, clean, then re-organize. Lori I may need your help O Queen of organization.....

Also we made the Angel Biscuits yesterday from Myfriendconnies blog ( We froze them and then took some out to go along with our roast a potatoes...can I just say how AWESOME they were? I had never made a biscuit recipe before that had required baking soda, baking powder, and yeast. Let me tell you..they were so good! Kyle says" humm....these would be great with gravy." I said.."Guess whats for lunch tomorrow?" hehe.

Here is a pic of the family enjoying those wonderful biscuits. Ignore the weird family thinks its hysterical to make weird faces when I pull out the camera....husband included. Thanks Connie!

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