Monday, November 26, 2007

What a nice break!

We have been on a little break since last Wednesday. Kyle has been home since Thanksgiving (although working hard out in he shop) and we have had lots of festivities going on! Last Thursday we went to Wayne and Georgi's for Thanksgiving. It was great! It was so nice to have a day with friends. It was nice and relaxing...although no holiday would be a true holiday without some type of "glitch" lol. Kiara and Kyle both had some nasty sore throats but Kiara actually went to the Dr *ahem*. She was able to start on antibiotics while my dear hubby *ahem* is still sore.

Friday we decorated the Christmas tree...lights and all.....and yes there is a story behind the lights...We get out all the lights....all 5 strands of 300 lights..I plug them in and NONE of them completely work. My dh plugs them in...and gets them all working....put them on the tree.....plug it in....they DON'T WORK! So lights off the tree and up to big lots on the day I swear to never step out in lol (black Friday). That night we headed downtown to see It's a Wonderful Life on the big screen. Wow was that neat! We watch that movie every year but never would of guessed it would of made that big of a difference to see it in the movie theater. The kids loved it! They watch it with us every year but...we are at home so its not that big a deal if they talk or something. I was amazed at how even the kids were glued to the black and white movie! Whats even funnier is that I think we ran into 1/2 of our church and homeschool group at the movies lol. After that we went "Christmas light sighting" for a few before heading home (one of MY favorite things to do during this time of year!).

Saturday we went to do a little shopping and then to see my sister, brother in law, and niece. We played UNO (my all time favorite card game...maybe because its easy lol). Guess who won??? Out of Kyle, myself, Melissa, Terri, Brian, Noah, and Sanite......Sanite won! the little stinker! And she whopped us all pretty good too! We played until someone reached 500 and I don't think she ever reached 100!

Sunday was church as usual....Kyle is teaching right now so of course my *favorite* time is when I get to hear him :) Sermon was good and bible study that night was pretty good too...what I could hear of do not have a class for the kids on Sunday night. Really, I am not one that likes to put my kids in classes all the time. I do like having them out with me....I do think they need to learn how to behave....but.......they get up in the morning, get ready for church and head off. We get to church where they sit out with us during Sunday school as there is no class and then they sit out with us during the worship time. They do great and I hardly ever have any problems with them. They are usually "fine as frog hair." After church we head home, get lunch ready, eat, then to bed for naps. By the time they wake up it is time to eat dinner and then leave for church. So we get there for the evening service and my kids have had no "time to be kids."There for they just about drive me crazy being so squirmy...granted not Sanite so much but boy Noah and Maddie get super squirmy..touching everything.."mama..what does this say....Mama..what does that say.." the Noah sticks his face up to mine just to try to make me laugh. Granted they are not being bad....they just haven't had time to be kids...any suggestions?????????

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