Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sickie boy visits the Dr.

My oldest 2 will hardly ever get ear infections (Noah has had 2, Sanite has never had any), They hardly ever throw up (Sanite has thrown up once in the 4 1/2 years home and Noah has thrown up maybe a handful of times..that includes when he caught his version of the stomach flu...he may of gagged twice each time). However, if there is anything out there that could possibly settle in their lungs..they get it. No kidding....they start coughing and we better make it to the Dr ASAP because without a doubt it will settle in the lungs. There is no such thing as the older 2 just having a sinus ALWAYS leads to something else if not caught IMMEDIATELY. So Sickie boy ran a fever last night and this am...I was able to get into the Dr. office within an hour of me calling (they know how quick it will settle). He walked in, and his temp was 99 after having doses of both Tylenol and Motrin. We walk into the examination room and wait for Dr. Napier (meanwhile studying the "I Spy" books which sissy LOVES). He comes in and basically tells us that MOST of Noah's symptoms are from a viral infection which he could do nothing about but he does have a bit of a sinus infection in his right nostril so YEAH!!! Antibiotics. I meant that literally...I am glad he is on them . I know..its sad...but had he of not had some small infection...this is what would of happened. We would of gone home, let him lie movies....drink bottles of Tylenol and Motrin...suck on the inhalers until he can do it in his sleep...then gone back to the Dr. tomorrow as he would have full blown bronchitis or even pneumonia. Fun. Yep I know...

Sickie boy cried every time he saw the antibiotics come out but he took them like the little trooper he his. He started feeling better during the day. he actually lost his fever but it has come back tonight. It actually climbed to over 101 AFTER I gave him a dose of Motrin.About an hour after that he was crying and holding his head :( poor little man

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