Saturday, November 03, 2007

red necks go camping...or maybe not

For anyone who has never been to our house, we live in the country on a couple or acres and have 40ft pine trees along one side of property (the side with our house and garage) going all the way back around to the nack of our property. We have noticed that some of our trees have started to die we have been cutting them down. Then sometimes this summer we have had some pretty nasty wind in storms which have knocked down several of these said 40ft tall pine trees. Last week we had another storm and some pretty nasty wind. This in turn causes the death of yet another pine tree....this one falls between our house and garage. So by this time I am saying get all those pine trees out of the ground...burn them, cut them...I don't care....The kids bedrooms just so happen to be on the same side as the trees and so being a mom...I worry...

Anyhoo........So then there is the question of...what do you do with all the wood??? We give some to Kyles parents as they heat their home with a wood stove. So what do you do with the remainder?? BOMB FIRE (and yes I meant BOMB). Last night we had a 30ft fire in our back yard and we only used about 1/4 of the wood we had to burn. So what do rednecks do when there is a 30ft fire in your backyard? Grab the hot dogs and marshmallows! So here we are....8 at night...huge fire in the country and we are all sitting out with Hot Dogs and marshmallows...I am sure it was a sight!


ChatterboxLS. said...

pictures, pictures... OH, I WANNA SEE THOSE PICTURES!!

lori (sounds like fun, wish we could've come!!)

Brittan said...

hey, that sounds like fun!!!
oh wait, does that make me a red neck, too?